HTC Vive

Best Free HTC Vive Games and Apps

Here is a list of some free HTC Vive Experiences. They can all be download for free through Steam.




TiltBrush (free with Vive)

Roomscale 3D drawing

Use brushes to paint and draw in 3D space. Recently added music sensitive brushes

The Lab

Roomscale Minigame Collection

Developed by Valve. Top quality, and includes Longbow, Xortex, Slingshot and others

Budget Cuts Demo

Roomscale Stealth Adventure

Sneak past evil sentry robots to get your application approved

QuiVR Demo

Roomscale Castle Defense

Defend the keep with up to three others in a very fun multiplayer experience


Music Video

Great example of where music videos might go in the future

The Rose and I


Cute short VR movie, based loosely on The Little Prince


Location Exploration

Explore virtual versions of English Churches, Mars, and lots of other locations

Waltz of the Wizard

Roomscale Sandbox

Cast spells as a wizard in your tower...lots of secrets

Irrational Exuberance

Introductory Experience

Somewhat interactive experience, getting you excited for the full release. Recommended!

Trials on Tatooine

Roomscale Experience

Lightsabers, Millennium Falcon, R2D2, Chewy and Han....not too long, but worth trying

The Cubical

Roomscale Experience

Mind bending twisted experience. Go in unspoiled.

Abe VR

Horror Experience

Strapped to a bed with a homocidal robot in the room....

Abbot;s Book Demo

Roomscale Adventure

Speak to the incredibly spooky Abbot and then have him follow you like a creep. Moody and tantalizing

NVIDIA VR Funhouse

Minigame Collection

Play carnival games on the midway. Designed for GTX 10** series, but will work on a 970 or 980. AMD not compatible right now


Location Exploration

Spin a large globe to find locations, and then explore those locations in full VR

The Night Cafe

Roomscale Experience

A sensational world ripped from the mind of Van Gogh


Roomscale Sandbox Puzzle

Help out the robots in two locations. Not long but a fun experience.

Spell Fighter VR

Roomscale Adventure

Cast Spells, wield a sword and shield or spear, and fight skeletons


Roomscale Sim

Inspired by Quiddich. Fly a broom, score goals, kill skeletons



Short virtual reality story.

Jonah's Path

Seated Experience

Ride a sub through the waters of a moon off Jupiter with a few surprises

Disney VR Experience


Some VR experiences, some 360 video, includes Jungle Book, Avengers and Star Wars content


Roomscale Adventure

Short but beautiful. In Chinese (Japanese?) but you should be able to follow along

Vintage VR

Roomscale Interactive

Beautiful old style room where you can look at vinatge steroscopic images

IKEA VR Experience

Commercial Experience

Branded IKEA, explore one of their kitchens in VR

Sister's Demo

Horror Experience

A room...a storm...a flashlight...

Rec Room

Social VR

Chat, play charades, frisbee golf, paintball, racketball, dodgeball, lots of great minigames against others

AltSpace VR

Social VR

Social experience, chat and meet, play minigames, cross play with Rift and Gear VR


Social VR



Social VR

Use your Windows desktop in VR, with friends

The Divergent Series: Allegiant VR

Commercial VR

An experience in the divergent universe. Needs a beefy system to work well

VR Regatta

Sailing Sim

Relax and sail around, or race other ai racers. Look out for the experimental area​​ where you can ride on massive waves in a pirate ship

Vertigo Demo

Roomscale Shooter

Fight your way through a space station

New Retro Arcade Demo

Arcade Emulator

Have some old Roms? Play them on cabinets in this recreated arcade

The FOO Show

VR Talk Show

One episode so far, a discussion with the makers of Firewatch

Rexodus: A VR Story

Roomscale Experience

Mostly chatting, some exploring, a little shooting, giant space Dinosaurs

Dota 2 VR

VR Spectating App

Watch DOTA 2 matches live in VR


Multiple Games

Goalkeeping, Archery wave shooter and Lightblade action

Portal Stories VR

Roomscale Puzzle

Work your way through progressively harder puzzle levels. Must own Portal 2 to play.

Marble Land Demo

Physics puzzler

Available on Roll your marble through the mazes.

Skeet: VR Target Shooting

Shooting Sim

Skeet mode, Trap Mode and Quickdraw Mode

HVR-01 Demo

Flight/Space Sim

Fly like Iron Man in space


Filthy Rich Guy Sim?

Embrace your inner Scrooge McDuck. Available at

Wake Up

Surreal Puzzler?

Solve puzzles and work your way through a surreal environment

Acan's Call - Act 1

Roomscale Action Adventure

Sword and Shield fighting adventure

MSI Electric City

Seated Experience

Fly through a futuristic city

Special Mention: Revive (which is an injector that allows you to play Oculus Rift games) paired with Oculus titles such as Lucky's Tale, Dreamdeck, and whatever else is free on the Oculus store)

Special Mention 2: A large number of non-steam options as well, listed here:


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